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Victoria Branch Newsletter  

One of the benefits of membership of the the Victorian Branch of the World Ship Society is receiving the monthly newsletter. Members can either have a b&w hardcopy posted to them or receive an electronic copy as a full colour PDF file via email.

A major section of each Newsletter is Around the Ports which looks at recent ships visiting the Victorian ports of Melbourne, Geelong, Hastings and Portland. The aim of Around the Ports is to provide details, and usually a photo, of each ship visiting the ports for the first time.

Below are the front covers for the last 6 month's copies of the Newsletter (which can be opened as full size PDF files by clicking on the picture) as well as a summary of the articles in each copy.

July 2017
  • President's Report
  • DIY Unloading
  • The Navy's in Town
  • Straitsman No More
  • Yarra River Memories No 6 - Polish Ocean Lines - MV Artur Grottger
  • Around the Ports
  • Ceramic - Part 1
  • A Regualr Traffic Jam
June 2017
  • President's Report
  • Kmarin Mugunghwa
  • Yarra River Memories No 5 - Rebuilding the West Gate Bridge
  • Aus-Ships (2017) - Fourth Edition
  • A Visit to the Panama Canal
  • Helos Headign West
  • CSL Reliance
  • Around the Ports
  • And a Special Mention for ...
  • HMY Britannia - Part 2
  • Can You Help?
May 2017
  • President's Report
  • A Tale of Two Cities
  • Vacancy
  • Yarra River Memories No 4 - Karlander Kangaroo Line (KKL)
  • Around The Ports
  • Cruising on L'Austral
  • A Cruise on the Golden Princess
  • HMY Britannia - Part 1
  • MT Bareilly Under Arrest
April 2017
  • President's Report
  • Vanished
  • Pilot Launch Nepean
  • Yarra River Memories No 3
  • ITS Carabiniere
  • Wah Kwong x2 in Geelong
  • Repaint for Searoad Mersey II
  • Naming of Svitzer Eureka
  • Around the Ports
  • Bound for a Beach (cont)
  • HMAS Melbourne - Part 2
March 2017
  • President's Report
  • Cruise Ship Fails - Tugs to the Rescue
  • Yarra River Memories No 2 - Tolaga Bay
  • Around the Ports
  • MV Tunsin - Latest in a Long Line for CNCo
  • Bound for a Beach (cont)
  • Farewell to Berge Stahl – One of the World's Biggest Ore Ships
  • HMAS Melbourne - Part 1
February 2017
  • President's Report
  • Asgard II
  • In response to last months story of the Warimoo, Alf Batchelder writes
  • First Ship At New Terminal
  • Around the Ports
  • Svitzer Eureka Takes Up Station
  • Bound for a Beach (cont)
  • More Bound for a Beach . . .
  • Yarra River Memories No 1
  • The Gallery