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Victoria Branch Newsletter  

One of the benefits of membership of the the Victorian Branch of the World Ship Society is receiving the monthly newsletter. Members can either have a b&w hardcopy posted to them or receive an electronic copy as a full colour PDF file via email.

A major section of each Newsletter is Around the Ports which looks at recent ships visiting the Victorian ports of Melbourne, Geelong, Hastings and Portland. The aim of Around the Ports is to provide details, and usually a photo, of each ship visiting the ports for the first time.

Below are the front covers for the last 6 month's copies of the Newsletter (which can be opened as full size PDF files by clicking on the picture) as well as a summary of the articles in each copy.

August 2018
  • Photos of ships loading in the past
  • President's Report
  • Containers: Impact on Transport 1966-2018
  • Containers: From"D" boxes to TEU
  • Around the Ports
  • Yarra River Memories No 20 - Coode Canal
July 2018
  • m.t. Euroglory - Largest cargo discharge
  • President's Report
  • Environment
  • A Blast From the Past - Cementco
  • Around the Ports
  • Yarra River Memories No 19 - Tai Ping Kou
  • A J Wagglen Floating Drydock
June 2018
  • President's Report
  • Drydockings - Annually to 5 yr intervals
  • Shipowners - Who owns them?
  • Cruise Lines
  • Around the Ports
  • Yarra River Memories No 18 - Challenger B
May 2018
  • President's Report
  • New Australian Icebreaker
  • Containerization - Part 2
  • Around the Ports
  • Yarra River Memories No 17 - Prestigious
April 2018
  • President's Report
  • Research Vessels - Aurora Australis
  • Containerization - Part 1
  • HMAS Adelaide
  • Around the Ports
  • HMS Sutherland visits Melbourne
  • Dorade at Williamstown
  • Yarra River Memories No 16 - Botany Bay / Nedlloyd Tasman
March 2018
  • President's Report
  • Research Vessels - Part 2
  • Why is a ship called, She?
  • Hoegh Mascot
  • Queen of Melbourne
  • Around the Ports
  • Yarra River Memories No 15 - Arafura
  • From Gippsland to Germany