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The following articles are available to visitors to the website and may be downloaded as PDF files by clicking on the image or the title.


A Marine Glossary by Mike Carolin

What's the difference between Gross Tons, Net Tons, Displacement Tonnes and Deadweight, and just what are TEUs? This article will explain it all.


Another Marine Glossary by Mike Carolin

Find out about owners, charterers, agents, registries and insurers. All the things that keep a ship operating.


Captain Marlow's Locker 3

s.s. Iron Crown found after 77 years.

IMO Sulphur Cap of 0.5% from 2020

What is MGO?

What is a scrubber?


Captain Marlow's Locker 2

ss Boonah, The Last Australian troopship of WWI.


Captain Marlow's Locker

Finding the wreck of the barque Carlisle.

X-Bow and Sea-Axe-Bow.

Brief items of maritime interest.