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World Ship Society (Victoria) Inc  

The World Ship Society (Victoria) inc is based in Victoria, Australia and is one of the many world wide branches of the World Ship Society which had its origins in the UK in 1946. It is an organization for anyone interested in ships and shipping history.

The Victoria Branch formed in 1957 and currently has over 150 members. The Branch arranges visits to ships, excursions to photograph ships and other activities of interest to members. The Branch meets monthly and publishes a monthly newsletter.

If you are interested in our activities why not come along to one of our meetings and meet people with the same interest in ships as you. But if you live too far from Melbourne to get to a meeting our monthly Newsletter will keep you informed of both the Branch activities and the shipping around the state.

If you have a query regarding shipping or a ship connected with Victoria, one of our members might be able to help you. Go to our Contact Us page and send an email to us. We'll present your query to our members and given the vast interests and knowledge of our members there is every chance we can find you an answer.

We look forward to meeting with you soon.